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Fire Safety Division - Because You Can Never Know About A Fire Too Soon!

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ATD Marketing Fire Safety Division

Because You Can
Never Know
About A Fire
Too Soon!

Fire is the #1 Killer
in the Home full story...

Test Your Fire Safety
Knowledge full story...

When was the Last
TIme You full story...

Get A FREE Fire Safety
Checklist full story...

Two Types of Fire
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Are YOUR Smoke
Detectors REALLY
Protecting You?
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What Will Work
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How to Get Them
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National Fire Protection Association

World Fire Safety Foundation
Your Family's Safety
Is Our Concern

a house fire can be deadly

If this is your house at
3 a.m. would your family know in time to get out?

Fire is a silent killer. It will not make noise to let you know it is there. Fire is an indiscriminate killer, it does not care if it kills you, your spouse, your children or your pets. In fact according the the National Fire Protection Association:

fire safety is importantJust How Much Do You Know
About Fire Safety?

We have all been schooled about fire safety. We all think we are aware of what to do if a fire should strike.

We all have misconceptions about fire safety. Much of what we learned in school years ago has changed. Take our Fire Safety Quiz and see how much you truly know about fire safety! You might be surprised about how what you thought to be true could be dangerous if you have a fire and act on that old knowledge!

When was the last time you had a fire drill at your house?

It is estimated that only 1 in 30,000 households conduct fire drills each year. Yet, it is in the home where 85% of all recorded fire deaths in America have occurred. Your Home is the Most Dangerous Place you will Ever be.

There is 'No Place Like Home' is exactly why your home is the Most Dangerous Place you will Ever be. The things we see every day become imprinted on our memories and our vision. We overlook that which is ever present.

When was the last time your really looked at your car? I mean really looked at it! Now,that does not mean you don't care about your car; it just means you see it every day and unless there is really a reason to look at it closely you just glance and know it is there and started when you turned the key.

So, not many of us really look at our homes unless something has changed considerably. The things that were there yesterday are most likely there today and will be tomorrow. There is no need to look closely and we have other things to do that are more important.

This allows little things to work their way to being big things. And, it allows small dangers (not that there is any such thing as a small danger) to grow to larger ones. That is why it is important to have a:

Home Fire Safety Checklist.

You can get one FREE. Just Click Here and download a FREE Home Fire Safety Checklist that was put together by Fire Marshals all across America to help you identify those out in the open hidden dangers that could cause a deadly fire to break out at your home.

There are 60 areas that our Fire Marshals have identified as being potential problem areas in our homes. (Not all apply to every home) If you answer NO to any applicable question, you should look closely at that location or items in your home.


Your Family's Safety Is Our Main Concern!

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