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There are just two kinds of fire but it is very important to know about each and how they react so you can have proper warning of each and then survive the results.

Either will kill you with no concerns for your age, sex, economic standing or any other statistic. Combustible fires are those that are called killer fires because they have high heat and flames. These types of fire race through a home at incredible speeds and can reach 1000°+ in about 1 minute's time! You have less than one minute to realize this type of fire is present, quell the panic, and make the proper decision in order to escape with your life!

Non-combustible fires are those that do not have high heat or flames but heavy dense smoke. The smoke will fill your lungs and make it impossible to breath and you have about 2 1/2 minutes to recognize this type of fire, quell the panic and make the proper decision in order to escape with your life!

Now, if either one of these fires occurs during the day when you are awake and aware you probably will be able to get out. But, if either happens at night while you are sleeping, the story could be and usually is different! It is the fire that occurs at night that we are so concerned with here. Remember, most fatal fires occur between 10p.m. & 6a.m.. After all, if you have to wake up before you can realize you have a fire there goes a lot of your 1 to 2 minutes decision time and the panic will certainly be more likely if awakened to a fire!

Are Your Ionization Smoke Detectors REALLY Protecting Your Family?

According to the World Fire Safety Foundation, the National Fire Protection Association and many others involved in the fire protection industry
the answer is a resounding...


The ionization smoke detectors we are all required, by law, to have in our homes have been proven to fail 50%-80% of the time. Even the literature provided by the manufacturer of these items tells you they will not detect fires 35% of the time. What do you expect for $10-$15 or Less! The cost of something can have some bearing on how it performs and trusting the lives of you and your family to a $10 smoke detector that has proven to fail more than 75% of the time or becomes such a nuisance by falsely activating that it gets disabled might not be the Best action to take. Wouldn't you agree?

Click here to see a test performed by WTHR TV in Indianapolis showing just how unreliable our smoke detectors are and offering a solution...

Click Here to view several videos from the World Fire Safety Foundation out of Australia.

What does the National Fire Protection Association Recommend?

Click Here to find out what the National Fire Protection Association and many others in the fire safety field suggest as a soultion to the problem of early warning about house fires.

Your Family's Safety Is Our Main Concern!


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