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Fire Safety Division - Because You Can Never Know About A Fire Too Soon!

ATD Marketing Fire Safety Division

Because You Can
Never Know
About A Fire
Too Soon!

Fire is the #1 Killer
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National Fire Protection Association

World Fire Safety Foundation
Your Family's Safety
Is Our Concern

According to the National Fire Protection Association...

The ideal fire protection system would have four qualities...

  1. It would require NO Power, be totally self contained...
  2. It would require no maintenance...
  3. It would be portable, able to move with you whether you own or rent your home...
  4. It would have a lifetime warranty

Want A Solution to the Problem of Not Having Enough Time to Escape the Fire?

We have the System that Will Provide It!!!

reponsive heat detector
responsive photo electric smoke detector
The Responsive Heat Detector can warn you of a Fast Moving Hot Fire within 15-60 sec. of the fire's starting! Due to their precision construction and design you need never worry about False Alarms, Maintenance, Power Failure or Not Early Enough Warning!
The Responsive Photo Electric Smoke Alarm with Rate of Rise Detector will not be fooled by smoking toast or shower mist like the ionization detectors most of us have in our homes. The 'Little Boy Who Cried Wolf' will not visit these smoke detectors!
Together these two units can protect your family from almost any type of fire with enough warning to get out even if the fire starts while you are all asleep. With over 10 million installations and over 250,000 activation letters with NO Injuries or Deaths; you can Trust Responsive to Keep YOUR Family SAFE!!

Some Testimonials

These testimonials have been provided by clients in different parts of the country. The results obtained by these folks are the only results we deem acceptable. We have over 250,000 letters of activation and the results from each one are the same, no injuries, no deaths, so thankful they had Responsive. Should you have a fire we want the same results for your family!

A testimonial from my own family...

My wife's youngest, Wendi, and her family protected themselves shortly after I became involved with this system. They have three sons ranging from 9 to 3 years in age. One night her husband came home late and decided to cook a pizza in the pizza oven.

Well, it was late and he went into the living room and set down to rest while the pizza cooked. Everyone else was asleep at the time. Well, he fell asleep and the pizza just kept cooking. Soon the entire house, it is a two story, 100 year old farm house they have remodeled, was filled with smoke.

All the smoke detectors were installed upstairs in and around the sleeping areas. There were only heat detectors in the kitchen and living room areas so they did not detect the smoke (not their job). But, the Responsive Photo Electric Smoke Detectors in the upstairs did detect the smoke and they did their job and woke everyone who was sleeping up which allowed them to take to proper action to avoid a tragedy!

I thank God that I showed this system to them and that the Responsive System did its job and Wendi, Don and the three boys are safe and sound.

Not Available in Stores

The Responsive System can only be seen as part of our In Home, No Obligation, Fire Safety Presentation. Why, you might ask? Well, we are very proud of our track record and wish to maintain it. If we protect you and you have a fire (which we can't stop) we only want to read that everyone got out safely because they were warned early enough to escape unharmed!

Our Membership in the National Fire Protection Association requires that we protect you according to their standards and to do that we have to see the configuration of your home to make sure the proper protection is in the proper place.

It will NOT cost your family one nickel to find out how much it will cost to have the finest fire protection system available today! But it could cost you much more than you could ever re-pay to not find out.

So, Request a presentation to set up your FREE, No Obligation, In Home Fire Safety Presentation. TODAY!

Along with the Valuable information we provide about Fire Safety you will receive FREE Fire Rescue Stickers for your bedroom windows, a Fire Safety Checklist (designed by our Fire Marshals) to improve your home's safety, an Operation EDITH form to help plan your escape should you have a fire and your choice of an Emergency flashlight/radio/cell phone charger or a Gift Certificate good at a local restaurant.

We will contact you and make arrangements for one of our Representatives to come to your home, give you the presentation with no obligation, at the time of the presentation you will receive your FREE Gifts.

Your Family's Safety Is Our Concern!


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