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Did You Know ...

  • There are over 4.1 Billion cell phones worldwide
  • 86% of Americans own a cell phone
  • 68.7 Million are frequent texters
  • 97% of text messages ARE OPENED
  • 90% of marketing e-mails ARE NOT READ!

Mobile Marketing is a New Reality and now YOU can capitalize on it for about the cost of a Starbucks coffee per day!

Get Your Message In Front of Eyes that
Are Interested in You!

Where better to place your message than "Where the eyes are!" And, what's even better is the fact that all who see your message are already interested in what you have to say and they have given you their permission to send that message to them!

Compare this to the standard marketing we have all been doing. This includes e-mail marketing, one of the most dynamic marketing methods ever devised and still a very effective medium. How many filters have your created to deflect the multitude of e-mails you receive each and every day? Yet, still they come and you still delete and direct them to spam filters. 83% of text messagea are opened within one hour of being received!

The Smart Phone Has Changed Everything!

With today's smart phones you can even direct them right to your web site, Facebook page, twitter page or even direct them right to the product they are interested in. WOW!!! The key here is they are INTERESTED! And because they have an interest, they will actually pay attention to what you are offering and if they pay attention you have a much better chance of completing a transaction.

Using this method of marketing you are not just pushing an ad at the viewer. You are creating a relationship and in today's marketplace the relationship is the key to a successful program. We have learned over the years that until the need meets the opportunity no sale will be made.

Use a Rifle Instead of the Shotgun

The shotgun approach is much less powerful and much more expensive than the rifle approach. Direct your message at those who are interested in what you have to offer rather than at everyone out there and you will get better results for less money and less effort.

When folks text your keyword to 90210 they are telling you that they are interested in what you have to offer and they are open to your message. They are also telling you that you may send them additional messages and that they will open and read them.

Reward Their Loyalty, Save Time & Money

Create a VIP Club, send electronic coupons, direct them to your newsletter or e-zine, remind them of appointments so you don't have empty time because they forgot they had an appointment with you. The options are endless. This is the ultimate social marketing medium. Twitter has nothing on this and used together Mobile Marketing and Facebook, Twitter and your web site create a powerful suite of tools you can use to put your business on the fast track to success!

No Contracts, No Long Term Commitment

There is no long term commtment and no contract to sign. Try it for a month, a year or forever! The choice is yours and the results can be astounding! If you have questions we will be happy to answer them for you. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call at 931-268-8639 and let's talk.

Wishing you success in all you do,

Joe Massey
ATD Marketing

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The Internet is Now
Local and Mobile

Just look around you, this is starting to appear everywhere!

Hooters is doing 'it'...
Murphy's Gas is doing 'it'...
Sonic is doing 'it'...
The store down the street is doing 'it"...
'It' is Mobile Marketing!

Everywhere you go you see more and more people with their faces buried in their smart phones. Just what are they doing? They are texting, they are playing games, they are surfing the web! It seems as if people are now spending their entire lives on the phone!

Their eyes are focused on the screen of their phone. Where better to put your marketing message?

There are many companies beginning to provide this service and many beginning to take advantage of it.

You now have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of this new marketing arena! Even better you have the opportunity to be a part of the easiest to access Mobile Marketing program ever!

Why would I make such a statement? Well, the key to the success of this type of marketing is the ease of remembering where to send the text.

You see, texting is the heart of this market. To participate one must text a message or a graphic to a specific number. The easier that number is to remember the more likely it will be used.

This program uses a number almost everyone knows by heart... the zip code of Beverly Hills, CA - 90210!

This number is almost universally known because of its exposure on the now syndicated TV show!

So, when folks see text (your keyword) to 90210 it is very easy for them to remember compared to texting (your keyword) to 34789 or some other random number.

Ease of use will win the day! Just like it is imperative to have web presence today, it is now imperative that you be able to market directly to where the eyes are and Mobile Marketing is how to do that today.

Whether you just want to use this to market your business, product or service. Or to be able to keep your clientele informed of what you are doing and offer them special deals because they are your customers. Mobile Marketing is the newest medium to keep your name and business in front of those who pay the bills.

If Twitter is the biggest phenomenon today, Mobile Marketing is quickly catching up. Your Tweet can carry 140 characters, your Mobile message can carry 160 so the text you send via 90210 is able to add a URL or an e-mail address that the Tweet just can't accommodate.

So, what do you have to lose? Just the edge those who get in on the front end of these new trends have, that's all!

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