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1. It is estimated that each household will experience three (usually small) fires every ten years and two serious fires per lifetime.

True: False:

2. The best place for your nose when escaping a fire is on the floor...

True: False:

3. One of the greatest hazards to life exists in a home fire of any magnitude is...

a. Escape routes blocked:
b. Inability to see:
c. Lack of oxygen:

4. Most residential fires are caused by...

a. Careless smoking:
b. Children playing with matches:
c. Electrical sources or appliances:

5. Most killer fires happen...

a. In the morning when getting ready for work or school:
b. In the evening during family time:
c. At night while everyone is asleep:

6. There is very often very little time between the detection of a fire and its becoming deadly. This can be as little as 1 or 2 minutes...

True: False:

7. Smoke detectors in proper working order are designed to detect every kind of fire, every time.

True: False:

8. Smoke detectors in kitchens, attics and garages are not normally recommended because these areas can experience conditions that can cause the detector to fail...

True: False:


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